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MT4 MT5 Plugins are essential tools designed for brokerages to fortify their risk management strategies. These Metatrader Plugins play a crucial role in safeguarding brokerages against manipulation and adverse trading activities.

By integrating our MT4 and MT5 Risk Management Plugins, FX Brokerages gain comprehensive insights into their prevailing risk landscape, enabling them to swiftly implement measures to mitigate risks. The plugins provide an intuitive dashboard and clear data analytics, ensuring that brokerages can fully grasp and utilize the functionalities of the Metatrader Plugins.

Our suite of Metatrader Plugins includes:
PNL (Profit and Loss) Plugins: Monitor real-time profitability.

Exposure Plugins: Keep track of market exposure and limit potential overexposure.

Negative Balance Reset Plugins: Automatically reset negative account balances.

Auto Leverage / Dynamic Leverage Plugins: Adjust leverage based on predefined rules.

Scalping Monitoring Plugins: Detect and manage scalping activities.

Trade Balance Plugins: Analyze trade balances for better financial oversight.

News Plugins: Stay updated with market news that could impact trading activities.

Compatibility is key; our Metatrader Plugins are designed to seamlessly integrate with both Metatrader and Ctrader Platforms. They are also suitable for use by MT4 and MT5 White Label Brokerages, offering flexibility and ease of adoption.

Contact us today for a demonstration and discover how our Metatrader Plugins can transform your brokerage’s risk management capabilities.

We understand one of the hardest part of Brokerage, and we make it White Label Metatrader Plugins friendly.

All our plugins and tools are fully compatible with the MT4 and MT5 platforms, ensuring they do not impact server performance. We employ separate server installations that will not interfere with your MetaTrader server, making it MT4 White Label friendly.

Workable System & Proven

Our tools have been used and tested by Brokers around the World.

Get a smarter MT4 MT5 plugin solutions

With our MT4 MT5 plugins, you may control your brokerage risk management. Its very important to maintain the financial of the brokerage.

Less staff needed and task will be more efficient.
Proven to increase profit after use by 30% and more.
White Label friendly and easy to manage with AI system.
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