Mt4/5 Plugins

Risk Management Plugins

PNL (Profit and Loss) Plugins

The brokerage MT4 plugin streamlines trading by displaying profit and loss metrics on the platform, enhancing strategy efficiency and financial management for brokers.

Exposure Plugins

The Exposure plugin for MT4 offers a concise overview of currency positions, showcasing the volume and associated risks, thus facilitating effective currency risk management.

Negative Balance Reset Plugins

The Negative Balance Reset plugin for MT4/MT5 automatically corrects negative account balances, ensuring traders can continue with a zero balance, optimizing brokerage operations and client experience

Auto Leverage / Dynamic Leverage Plugins

The plugin serves as a safeguard, preventing the misuse of bonuses by traders. It’s a proactive measure that ensures brokers are not manipulated through the exploitation of high leverage.

Scalping Monitoring Plugins

This innovative plugin plays a crucial role in identifying accounts engaged in prohibited practices such as fast scalping, arbitrage latency, and high-frequency trading (HFT), which are often restricted by brokers.

Trade Balance Plugins

Pluginstant detect the individuals engage in simultaneous buy and sell positions on the same financial instruments, taking advantage of high leverage and bonuses offered by brokers.

News Plugins

The news time plugin allows for the configuration of specific parameters tailored to the needs of MT4 and MT5 brokers.

StopOut Plugins

The implementation of a stopout plugin is a proactive measure that prevents traders from incurring losses that exceed their account balance.

Auto Risk Management Plugins

Simplify the Risk Management with AI.


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All our plugins and tools are fully compatible with the MT4 and MT5 platforms, ensuring they do not impact server performance. We employ separate server installations that will not interfere with your MetaTrader server, making it MT4 White Label friendly.

  • White Label Mt4/5

    Pluginstant offers risk management plugins compatible with MT4/MT5 white label solutions. They ensure smooth processing and seamless integration, managed through a dedicated server for efficient brokerage operations

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    Pluginstant's deployment on high-end dedicated servers guarantees smooth processing and supports up to 200,000 live accounts per server, ensuring scalability and reliable performance for brokers.

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