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MT4 MT5 Risk Management Plugins are plugins developed for brokerage to control their risk. With the right function of Metatrader Plugins, it helps to secure the brokerage from manipulator and toxic flow.

Using our MT4 MT5 Risk Management Plugins, FX Brokerage may understand fully about their current brokerage risk and take a fast action to control it. The dashboard and data are easy to understand to make sure that the Brokerage fully understand the Metatrader Plugins functions.

Our Metatrader Plugins are PNL plugins, Exposure Plugins, Negative Balance Reset Plugins, Auto Leverage Plugins/ Dynamic Leverage Plugins, Scalping Monitoring Plugins, Trade Balance Plugins and News Plugins.

Our Metatrader Plugins is comply with Metatrader and Ctrader Platforms. Pluginstant can be use by MT4 and MT5 White Label Brokerage as well.  Contact Us Today For A Demo Session.

We understand one of the hardest part of Brokerage, and we make it White Label Metatrader Plugins friendly.

All our plugins or tools are well compatible with the MT4 MT5 platforms, ensuring they will not affect the performance of the servers. We use separate server installation, which will not affect your MetaTrader server. Hence, it is MT4 White Label friendly.

Workable System & Proven

Our tools have been used and tested by Brokers around the World.

Get a smarter MT4 MT5 plugin solutions

With our MT4 MT5 plugins, you may control your brokerage risk management. Its very important to maintain the financial of the brokerage.

Daily task will be more efficient.
Cost saving and gain more profit.
Total control of your brokerage risk.
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