The system is designed to secure the Brokerage once the High Impact News is ongoing. The system may increase the leverage at specific times that have been setted. It will apply to the open position within that time setted. Other than that, the system can cancel the Pending Order Number done by Traders that want to Manipulate the News Time. With this system, Brokers can control the P&L once the high impact news is ongoing.

Advantages :

No need to install on the Platform server. Therefore can avoid the crash of the Platform server.
Keep secure the Brokers from Traders that try to abuse the News Trading Time by profiting from both Buy and Sell Pending Order.
The Brokers can control their P&L of the Brokerage by controlling the Leverage and Pending Orders of Clients when it is High Impact News Time.


The limitation for each Brokerage is 30,000 Trading accounts and if it is more than 30,000 therefore we have a right to request for additional Server fees.This is to upgrade the server to better Processor and Memory servers.