The system is designed to give a full view of the current situation at the Brokerage. It's a very important system which can show the Brokerage, which accounts in High Risk Traders. This is crucial which will affect the P&L of the Brokerage. The updates will be twice per day. Hence you may be well informed regarding the High Risk Traders fast. Therefore, Brokerage can take fast action and save a lot of money to Brokerage.

Advantages :

No need to install on the Platform server. Therefore can avoid the crash of the Platform server.
Keep secure the Brokers from Traders that are categorized as High Risk.
Brokers may take action fast since the update will be twice per day. This is the most efficient system that works to check from Thousands Of Live Trading Accounts.
Risk Profiling for any Traders – Can check the patterns of trades for any Traders.


The limitation for each Brokerage is 30,000 Trading accounts and if it is more than 30,000 therefore we have a right to request for additional Server fees.This is to upgrade the server to better Processor and Memory servers.