The system is designed to secure the Brokerage from unauthorized Trading Activity like Fast Scalping, Arbitrage Latency and Scalping below certain minutes. The system will detect the accounts that are actively scalping below certain minutes that have been setted. It will be complete with Reporting of the activities as evidence to the Trader that they had been abusing the system.

Advantages :

No need to install on the Platform server. Therefore can avoid the crash of the Platform server.
Keep secure the Brokers from Traders that try to abuse by doing Arbitrage Latency Trading, HFT, Active Scalping that does not follow the rules from Brokers.
The Brokers can have the complete report of the activities as evidence to show to the affected Traders.
Can save a lot of Money to the Brokerage by checking and found out the Manipulator and can cancel their profit because of abusing the system.


The limitation for each Brokerage is 30,000 Trading accounts and if it is more than 30,000 therefore we have a right to request for additional Server fees.This is to upgrade the server to better Processor and Memory servers.