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In the fast-paced world of forex trading, the trade balance plugin has become an indispensable tool for brokers. The PlugInstant system incorporates this plugin to meticulously monitor trade balance activities, a method often exploited by manipulators. These individuals engage in simultaneous buy and sell positions on the same financial instruments, taking advantage of high leverage and bonuses offered by brokers.

The MT4 MT5 plugins is engineered to address the challenges brokers face in detecting such schemes. With thousands of accounts to oversee, identifying fraudulent activities can be like finding a needle in a haystack. This plugin streamlines the detection process, sifting through thousands of live accounts to pinpoint irregularities swiftly and accurately.

Utilizing the MT4 MT5 plugins ensures that brokers can maintain a vigilant watch over their operations. It’s not just about detecting manipulation; it’s about providing a proactive defense mechanism that alerts brokers the moment suspicious activities are identified. This allows for immediate action, safeguarding the brokerage’s interests and its clients’ investments.

Our suite of Metatrader plugins, which includes the trade balance plugin, is designed to offer a comprehensive risk management solution. It’s not merely a detection system; it’s a strategic asset that enhances the efficiency and integrity of brokerage operations. By integrating our plugins, brokers can rest assured that they are equipped to handle the complexities of trade balance activities.

In conclusion, the MT4 plugins is more than just a feature; it’s a commitment to excellence in risk management. It empowers brokers to stay one step ahead in a competitive market, ensuring that they can focus on growing their business while maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance and operational security.

The Advantages

  • There is no need to install it on the MT4 MT5 platform server, so it can prevent the platform server from crashing. It can be used with white label of MT4 and MT5 platform by using only manager credentials.
  • It can protect the brokers from traders who are categorized as high risk. Fast detection is always a good prevention before the balance grows bigger.
  • Brokers can detect if the trade balance is done at:
    1. The same account
    2. Different accounts
    3. Inter broker
  • The system can detect past transactions, current and pending orders as well. This Metatrader plugin can give you an insight into the affected traders’ accounts that are doing the trade balance activities.

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